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    I’m a Feminist and I’m not apologizing. 
But apparently, I should be. Because Feminism is something to keep to yourself, it’s a disgrace and a tragedy. It’s something to hide from your family, to rally for in secret, to keep off your T-shirts. It’s modern-day witchcraft, or at least that’s what it’s persecuted as. 
    I’m going to talk about Feminism, because it’s important. Not just to me but to all women (and yes, all women.) 
First let’s get something straight: Feminism is not about superiority to men. If you’ve met a “Feminist” who’s convinced you of that, clear your head, because that is definitely not what this is about. 
Feminism is about the fact that 1 in 5 women are raped in their lifetimes. (In a standard sized class of 24 people, 12 are women, and at least 2 of them have been sexually assaulted. That’s too many for such few.) It’s about women making 65 cents to a man’s dollar, 63 dollars to his hundred. It’s about walking alone and feeling safe, it’s about wearing the clothes you like without being shamed. It’s about ridding the world of sluts and whores because in truth, they don’t exist. Doing what is right for you and your body doesn’t deserve degradation but encouragement. Choose your life and don’t be scared, that’s what this is about.
     I posted a picture in this shirt on Twitter, and in less than 1 minute, someone sent me a message telling me to burn and calling me a cunt. For wearing this shirt. Not even, oh I don’t know, vocalizing this opinion in some kind of provocative way or attacking a male advocate first, no, it was just for wearing this shirt. By the 5 minute mark, someone else had made the comment that women are already equal.
Me getting dress coded for wearing shorts (that show absolutely nothing other than my gelatinous thighs) while a guy can walk into the school with no shirt on is not equal. And my shoulders making a 40 year old man with children uncomfortable is not equal. And me being told to leave the heavy lifting to the men is not equal. 
Women are completely capable of doing the same jobs as men. Physically and mentally: Women have a higher pain tolerance and are proven to have quicker reactions to stressful situations. And yet if I want to carry a box of textbooks down the hall I should have a guy come with me. You know, in case I need a little help.
     The ratio of male CEO’s to female is 23:1. I pointed this out to a man, if you could call him that, who didn’t agree with my ideals and his response was “Women have never been in power positions because they’ve shown poor results.” This is when I pointed out that China and Egypt, both extremely rich and successful ancient civilizations, were often run by women and for longer periods of time then men. And during their reign is when most golden ages occurred. He then argued that “Egypt never existed,” but that’s not important (just amusing). Women have shown great power and strength in leading positions all throughout history. Most were succeeded by men and then soon, those nations were overrun by war and poverty and revolution.
     ”Modest is Hottest” is not an argument against choice of self. Firstly, because that is a completely subjective statement, and secondly, because it places a women’s worth is accordance with her appearance. If she’s not physically appealing, what’s the point of keeping her around? If she’s showing too much skin, or maybe not enough, she has no purpose. She’s a slut and a whore and a harlot. Or a prude and uptight, too Virgin Mary for anyone’s taste. “Modest is Hottest but only if you plan on taking it all off later on, and only if you plan on taking it off for me.”
And blaming a women for getting raped or assaulted because of what she’s wearing is ridiculous. “She was asking for it” is not a viable excuse. No women would ever ask for that, not through her words or through her clothes. Rape isn’t about sex (the Boys Will Be Boys mentality/they can’t control their urges, they’re men) it’s about domination. It’s about diminishing someone’s status as a human being just to get yourself off. It’s about treating them like an animal, a toy, property, because if she doesn’t owe you her body, what good is it?
And if I’m talking about Feminism, I have to bring in Elliot Rodger. If you’re not familiar with the case, it is about a mentally unstable individual, but it’s mainly about male entitlement. Elliot Rodger was a college student in Santa Barbara, California who shot and killed 6 people out of spite. Why was he so spiteful? Because women had been turning down his aggressive advances and other men were taking what he thought should be his. If six people die because a teenage boy thinks that all women should belong to him, something is wrong. What bothers me is that if six children died in a school shooting, all media would cover for the next two weeks would be gun laws and gun laws and gun laws. But six people die because a guy was tired of being ‘friendzoned’ and it gets written off as a schizo case. 
I want to write about Rape Culture but maybe another day. It just pisses me off, and it should be pissing me off that so many people dismiss Feminism as a cry for attention, and it breaks my heart seeing girls who don’t care enough about themselves, or if not themselves the women around them, to take up the cause. Everyone knows someone being affected by this, whether it be rape or objectification or harassment, and this deserves to recognized as more than a PMS-induced temper tantrum.

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